It’s A Roadie’s Job Book By Ronald Clayton




“It is primarily the story of my life, and a Rock and Roll dream. It is a story of love, found and lost, of heartache and heartbreak, and of laughter and frivolity, good times, bad times, and damn hard work.The book is intermingled with a few photos, facts and statistics, about one of the hardest working bands in Australia, the Ted Mulry Gang.

Some names have been deliberately changed to protect the identity and privacy of those people. This is not a kiss and tell book, all incidences related in this book are relevant to me unless otherwise mentioned and at no time should it be inferredĀ that activities mentioned herein were undertaken by the members of TMG, their support bands or their respective road crews. After all it was just Rock ‘nĀ Roll and to only one who got hurt was me.”
Ronnie Roadie.