TMG, the iconic seventies pub rock band, are hitting the road with the "Full Circle: back2vinyl" tour and will see all original members together again for the first time in over 25 years. NEW DATES SOON!!!!!!

Our Latest Vinyl Album

Ted Mulry Gang FULL CIRCLE 12Inch Vinyl

Full Circle

Side A
  1. Jump In My Car
  2. Darktown Strutters Ball
  3. Crazy (Live On Tour)
  4. Steppin’ Out
  5. Jamaica Rum
  6. I’m Free
Side B
  1. My Little Girl
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. Naturally
  4. Sha La La La Lee
  5. Lazy Eyes
  6. (You’ve Got The) Devil In You

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The current line up

The band consists of Les Hall, Gary Dixon and Herm Kovac from the original line up. They played on all the records and performed in all clips and TV shows.

Rather than grab any singer the boys dipped into the gene pool and extracted Ted's younger brother Steve. This is as close a voice to Ted's you are going to get. Steve comes with years of experience fronting many bands, best known being Black Label.

As Steve doesn't play bass the guys have reached out to an old mate, original Sherbet bass player Tony Mitchell. 

Ronnie Clayton the ever faithful roadie has been promoted to tour /merchandise manager.

Ray Tye accountant from day one is on the door to check that senior citizens don't sneak in.

The Bridge