Ted Mulry Gang in Belmont on Saturday, 10/12/16

Here’s a review of our show at Belmont.

When iconic Aussie music legend Ted Mulry died in 2001, it seemed there was little hope for his legion of fans to ever again hear TMG perform their classic songs live in concert.

Fast forward to 2016 and the original Gang, comprising drummer Herm Kovac and guitarists Les hall and Gary Dixon, has recruited AC/DC guitarist Mark Evans along with Ted’s brother Steve, on vocals, to pay tribute to the late frontman with a national tour aptly entitled ‘This One’s For Ted’.

The inclusion of Evans signifies yet another aspect of how the Gang pays homage to Mulry, given his loveable yet mischievous persona; characteristics very similar to AC/DC’s own loveable rogue Bon Scott.

While the band will admit there was some initial hesitation at the idea of reforming, mostly due to concerns of doing justice to the memory of Ted, a string of sold-out performances, including Belmont 16s, is evidence the reformation was the right way to go.

You can read the whole review here.